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Top 5 Beautiful Lakes in Canada

lakes in canada

Here is Top 5 Beautiful Lakes in Canada:-


Canada is a country with more than its share of lakes. In fact, 8% of the land mass of the country is covered by bodies of fresh water. This is a fact that places Canada in first place in the list of countries with the largest area covered by lakes. There are lots of beautiful lakes in Canada. These are best blue lake in Canada.

The lakes are beautiful and equally important from an environmental point of view to the oceans, but they are not practically spoken. Yes, there is data available about how big they are, what their depth is and there is a lot of information about their volume estimates. We know that they play an important role in the hydrological cycle, but what is right under the water is good as a mystery. The world takes lakes for granted. We should not do it. The fantastic lakes in Canada.

If you really want to see the lakes in all their true natural glory, Canada should be your number one place to visit. See the fifteen most incredible here and you’ll wonder why you’ve never been there before.

      Lake Garibaldi

Garibaldi lake

Lake Garibaldi is a large expanse of water, located geographically in British Columbia, Canada, between the municipalities of Whistler and Squamish. The surface extends along two thousand five hundred acres through the Garibaldi provincial park, which is a lake. It has an average depth of just under four hundred meters that can descend to almost nine hundred meters in some places. Only Garibaldi Lake can be reached along the path of Lake Garibaldi, which is approximately five and a half kilometers long.

Why go? The turquoise waters of Lake Garibaldi are crystal clear, the surface behaves like a mirror and reflects very clear images of the surrounding landscape. Very suitable for photography. If you like winter sports, such as snowshoeing and off-piste skiing, this is a place you really should visit.

Location: Lake Garibaldi

 Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a glacial lake fed by the Lefroy Glacier and can be found in Banff National Park, near Alberta, Canada. It is a small but impressive lake that is just over a mile long, one-third of a mile wide and only a third of a square mile in the area. With a maximum depth of about two hundred and thirty feet, it is almost as deep as it is wide. The proximity of the small town of Lake Louise has made it a popular tourist attraction.

Why go? This is the perfect Canadian lake to visit if you’re not sure you’re too far from the civilized world. Spend the day walking through the desert on the shores of Lake Louise, enjoy a horse ride in the forest or even rock climbing if you are looking for heights. Instead of spending a bad time in a field, spend the night at Château Louise, the huge and luxurious hotel built on the water’s edge. Nobody said you could not visit the Canadian lakes in style, right?

Location of the Map: Lake Louise

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

The Moraine Lake is in a landscape that recalls the perfect image of a postcard. The pine forests, the symmetrical peaks and the blue water of the lake shine together. This impeccable fringe of icy water is located in the Banff National Park, near the town of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The moraine lake covers an area of approximately one hundred and twenty hectares in the valley of the ten peaks and reaches at some points almost fifty feet deep.

Why go? Lake Moraine is one of the most photographed places in all of Canada. He replicated everything from paper money to video games, and even used it as access screens for leading technology companies. I’ve probably seen it reproduced digitally, so why not go see the real thing? Believe it, it’s even better to live, so make sure you do not lose it by not seeing it.

Location on the Map: Moriane Lake

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake can be found in Yoho National Park, located in British Columbia, Canada. The lake really lives up to its name as an incredible emerald green color when it is in liquid form. At an altitude of over four thousand meters, Lake Smeraldo can remain frozen for up to seven months a year, so do not plan to continue until at least before July. It is perhaps the largest lake in the Yoho National Park, but the coast is only a little over three miles long and is completely bypassed by a path that takes about an hour and a half.

Why go? Emerald Lake is located in a quiet and very isolated area, but is easily accessible by vehicle. It is an ideal place for excursions to eagles and ospreys in their natural environment during excursions. You can also go canoeing through the beautiful green and quiet waters and get an idea of ​​how the original inhabitants of the area might be.

Location on the Map: Emerald Lake

Lake Peyto

Lake Peyto

Lake Peyto is one of those stretches of water that will surprise you with the fantastic blue color of the water. Located high up in the Canadian Rockies at an altitude of over six thousand feet, it is included in the borders of Banff National Park, near Alberta. It is a small but easily accessible glacier lake, which at its longest point is just under three kilometers, only half a kilometer at its widest point and has an area of ​​two square miles. As for the Canadian lakes, it is rather small.

Why go? Although Lake Peyto is located in the mountains, it is relatively easy to reach. It’s great if you’re not a backpacker, a pioneer, a type of hiker. It means you do not have to get lost. You can reach Lake Peyto by driving through Banff National Park on Highway 93 or through Ice-fields Parkway to call it by its other name. Do not feel guilty if you do not walk, the photos you take will be surprisingly as impressive as if you had walked.

Location on the Map: Peyto Lake

Conclusion: These are top 5 Canada lakes you can check there information and decide where you have to go and visit these Canadian lake.

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