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Bhangarh Fort Story: Haunted places in India

Bhangarh Fort Story: Most Haunted Places in India

bhangarh fort story

India is truly a mystical country, with its many forts, forests and historical sites. It is believed that some sites are obsessed with ghosts or spirits. Bhangarh fort story is described as Bhangarh Fort ranks first among the most haunted places in India and attracts many tourists every year. Because the Bhangarh Fort is known for its rich history and paranormal incidents, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India for those who wish to experience paranormal activities.

The Bhangarh Fort is a 17th century fortress in the state of Rajasthan. It was built by Man Singh (Primo) for the youngest son Madho Singh (Primo). Man Singh was one of the navratnas of Akbar’s court. He was called Bhangarh of Madho Singh after his grandfather Bhan Singh. It is one of the forts that have been well preserved.

The Bhangarh fort located on the edge of the Sariska reserve in the Aravali hills range in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. The nearest town is Gola Ka Baas. The fort is located at the foot of the hills on a rolling terrain. The fort is 235 kilometers from Delhi. The last 2 kilometers of the route to the fort’s gate is a dirt road.

Due to some tragic incidents and the widespread belief that the fort is taking place, the forbidden territory near Bhangarh is legally prohibited between dusk and dawn. According to the local population, the spirits enter the place after sunset and no one should enter the borders of Bhangarh during this period. According to a bulletin board compiled by the Archeology Service of India (ASI) at the entrance of the fort “no one can enter the fortress before dawn and after sunset.”


1. A sadhu named Baba Balau Nath lived in the fort. He gave such an order that all houses built within the boundaries of the fort should not be larger than his house, and if the shadow of such a house fell on his house, this would result in the destruction of the fortified city. When a descendant prince lifts the palace to a height that casts a shadow over the house of Sadhu, it is said that he cursed the whole city. Then the whole city and the fort were destroyed by the wise curse. The locals believe that the fort is still cursed.

2. There was a magician named N.K. Sinhai, who was an expert in black magic. He fell in love with the Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh, who was very beautiful. When he was 18 years old, one day he went shopping with his friends. The magician saw Princess Ittar (the smell) buying and replacing the smell with a love potion to capture the princess. He offered the drink to the princess, so that she would begin to appreciate it. The princess, however, understood the magician’s trickster, and when he offered her the liquor bowl, he threw it on a large stone nearby. As a result, the stone rolled over the magician and crushed him. Before he died, he cursed that Bhangarh would soon be destroyed and that no one could live in his district. Then the Bhangarh Fort was invaded by Mughals from the north and the city was surrounded and fired. All the people (around 10,000) in the fort, including the princess, were murdered. Now people believe that the fort is obsessed by the curse of the magician and that the spirit of the magician and the princess still roam the fort.


After several incidents in the fortified city, the Indian government prevented tourists from entering the fortress after sunset. The local belief that no one who goes to the fort at night never returns. One of these incidents is very popular, that once a group of tourists has corrupted the guard of the fort to make them live in the fort at night. The guardian allowed it, but he also warned them severely that at that moment they should not have gone to the fort. The group of tourists ignored the warning and entered the fort. As at first they found nothing, they started joking and laughing. Everything went well until they saw a child who was alone in a room. The door had no doors and windows in the door so roasted that no one could enter the room through the windows. They were scared and you can guess what happened next!

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