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The Incredible Beauty of Kashmir

Beauty of Kashmir

On a trip to Kashmir, in the shadow of the Himalayas, showing a daring relationship between travel, tourism and adventure.

Is this the next time to travel to India?

Summer is here as always. June is when the summer becomes unbearable in India and we start to leave exhausted at the end of each day.

Because the summer heat is even more unbearable, we have planned an incredible itinerary to explore the northern sky: Beauty of Kashmir.

As you know, the climate of Kashmir is fickle and you do not know what can happen to survive the next moment. I was ready to go to my adventurous travel experience in Kashmir. We started our journey with an advanced taxi from Chandigarh. When we arrived at our beautiful destination, we could see that the sun stretched to push the gray clouds at once. The rays of the sun coming from the clouds are simply incredible to see.

mughal garden in kashmir

The beautiful Kashmir is one of the best and perfect summer destinations in India. We were impressed with the beauty of Kashmir, which includes beautiful mountains, lush green lakes, serene, dense meadows and forests. It is also known as a place of “Heaven on earth”. It is blessed with the beautiful Mughal Gardens in Kashmir, the snowy Himalayas and the dazzling Dal Lake. It is the best time to escape to one of the coolest destinations in India for a vacation. Srinagar is a beautiful gateway to Jammu and Kashmir. It is an ideal destination for a pleasant and memorable entrance.

gulmarg kashmir

Gulmarg is a must-see place for every traveler and adventurous enthusiast. Gulmarg is one of the most famous destinations for the highest cable cars in the world. It is a popular destination for skiers in the foothills of the Himalayas. Gulmarg also belongs to one of the best ski centers in Asia. Kashmir has never been completely peaceful, and tourists visit this incredible place without any risk in their minds to feel the magical beauty of Kashmir now called “Terrestrial Paradise”.

lakes in kashmir

The wide lakes, the lush vegetation and the snow-covered Himalayas in Kashmir attract many tourists to visit this destination in the hot summer. The colorful and decorated floating houses on the shores of the lake are the main attraction for tourists.

How war destroys their valleys, Kashmir always seems to be a great place for tourists. The valley of Kashmir is a large valley in the region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Sometimes poetic it is also pronounced Vale or Kashmir.

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