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Alnwick Castle History

alnwick castle history

Alnwick Castle History

Alnwick Castle in Northumberland is one of the largest castles resort in England and has been the historic home of the famous Percy family for over 700 years. He took on a more recent role thanks to his role as a Hogwarts location in the Harry Potter film series.

A large medieval castle like Windsor, the base of Alnwick was placed sometime after the great Norman invasion of England in 1066. The castle, however, was substantially rebuilt by Percy in the 14th century and is the fascinating story of them , the family of the Duke of Northumberland, who walks through the walls of Alnwick. From political influences and military achievements to failed revolts and patches of gunpowder, Percy has played a crucial role in the history of England.

One of the most famous members of the family was the young gentleman Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy, who was immortalized in Henry IV of Shakespeare. A statue of Harry Hotspur is today in Alnwick Castle.

More recently, Alnwick has become even more recognizable as a set for the film versions of the Harry Potter series JK Rowling. Although it is not advisable to travel here via platforms 9 and 3/4, a visit to Alnwick is absolutely essential for fans of the franchise. Seasonal tours and themed activities: broom and archery, to name just a few, means a day full of fun for the whole family.

The new attraction, “The lost cellars will surely tease the best visual and audio effects to enhance the sensory experience – Note Only those who do not limit themselves to tackling the cellars!

Do not miss the gardens with one of the largest tree houses in the country to entertain the children; Furthermore, many of the attractions can be visited with a guide and the gift garden is a special highlight.

If this were not enough, the castle also has an impressive collection of photographs, a chapel and a series of museums that are interwoven throughout the interior and in history both the Alnwick Castle and the wider area celebrate Northumberland.

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